Are you leading your organization to new heights – or is your company stuck on the ground? Discover the key to supercharging your company’s performance: updraft.

Updraft is the rising column of air that comes off the wingtip of larger birds like geese, swans and ducks. That vortex of air lifts the next bird in line when the birds are flying in a v-formation. By harnessing the power of updraft, the birds can fly as much as 70% further than if they were flying individually. Each bird in the flock is simultaneously moving himself forward and supporting the progress of the flock.

The same should be true inside any organization – while each person is working in their own space, they are taking advantage of the updraft that others are creating as well as creating the updraft that supports the progress of the entire organization. However, certain conditions need to be present in order for the flock to both generate and harness updraft and it is up to leadership to ensure that those conditions exist.

Updraft: The Aerodynamics of Great Leadership speaks directly to business owners, executives and anyone who wants to be a great leader, explaining what updraft is, how leaders create it and how they ensure that it is being created throughout their organization. Thought-provoking and engaging, Updraft combines fresh perspectives, real-life examples and practical advice on how you can transform your own organization, inspiring you to take it to new heights.

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