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  • Eliminate the guesswork ‐ get insight into what’s happening and why, so you can fix it the first time.
  • Be prepared to handle what’s coming next.
  • Align and energize your team.
  • Know exactly where to focus your efforts and what your organization needs from you.
  • Achieve your personal goals for the business.
  • Stop fixing symptoms and get to the root causes of issues faster.

Only 30% of small businesses
make it to the 10‐year mark.

As a company grows, most leaders struggle to understand what the organization needs. They end up trying to figure it out as they go, discovering the hard way that what may have worked yesterday does not work today.

What most leaders don’t recognize is that as your company grows, the rules change. For this reason, we have incorporated a framework that explains how growth impacts a company and what you and your team have to do to be successful as you navigate it. 

Growth is a double-edged sword.

You shouldn’t be punished for successfully growing your business.

Unite, align and energize your team.

Navigate the challenges growth brings.

Take your business wherever you want.

See what business owners have to say about the Stages of Growth framework! 

The [Stages of Growth] X-ray……has helped us make better decisions, lead with confidence, see what issues and challenges we needed to address, and ultimately help us set the right priorities….These tools enabled every employee in the company to be in alignment on all aspects of our business.   

Todd Sumney, Chief Industry Officer, HomeSmart International (Stage 5)  

The 7 Stages of Growth gave me clarity about what I needed to tune into as a leader. We are working together more effectively and I feel we are ready for our next stage of growth.  

Keith Lumby, GM, Norwood Waterworks (Stage 6)  

The Stages of Growth X-Ray™ had an immediate impact on our company. Employees are now focused on where the company makes money and they are constantly looking at areas where we can improve profitability. Understanding the 7 Stages of Growth has every single person, including myself, looking at the company differently.  

 Kitty Evans, President, Evco Industries (Stage 1)  


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Stage 1

1-10 employees

Stage 2

11-19 employees

Stage 3

20-34 employees

Stage 4

35-57 employees

Stage 5

58-95 employees

Stage 6

96-160 employees

Stage 7

161-500 employees

Get insights into how the Stages of Growth can help you manage the challenges that growth brings in our animated video.

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