Great leadership begins with the right perspective.

Updraft- edition 2 cover - NO BKGRND

Boost your self-awareness

Get clarity around your role

Unleash your potential

Great leadership begins with the right perspective.

Updraft- edition 2 cover - NO BKGRND

Strengthen Leadership

Shape Strategy

Transform Culture

Learn how great leaders inspire great performance.

Updraft: The Aerodynamics of Great Leadership is a refreshingly uplifting look at how you, as a leader, impact the people around you.

Using the powerful metaphor of the updraft large birds create to help a flock fly 70% further, Freedman explains how to create updraft in your own company. Through real‐life examples, thought‐provoking exercises, and a refreshing dose of humor, you’ll learn how to make consistent progress to reach and exceed your organization’s loftiest goals.

In Updraft, you’ll discover…

How to turn your leadership role from a perpetual struggle into something you embrace

Powerful ways to foster your team’s commitment and game‐changing passion

How to encourage the emotional connections that drive success and engagement

Concrete examples and expert advice to take your people to the next level

How to make your leadership a personal game‐changer, and much, much more!

is a comprehensive yet entertaining guide that will serve as your new, effective approach to leadership. If you like practical techniques, inspirational methodologies, and the wisdom of an experienced leader, then you’ll love this powerful resource.

Each of us has the potential to be a great leader.

You have what it takes.

Updraft brings you face‐to‐face with the real reasons why your organization isn’t performing at the level you want, and fixes it. Get your whole leadership team reading this book –your company’s success depends on it.


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