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We’ve worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes to strengthen leadership, transform culture and shape strategy.

To do this, we develop close partnerships with our clients and we’ve come to recognize certain qualities that suggest a successful collaboration.

We may be a good fit for you if you are ready:

  • To enjoy your leadership role again.
  • To become the leader your company needs.
  • To shift your thinking and explore new perspectives.
  • For a culture of accountability and responsibility.
  • To develop an energized, committed leadership team that is ready for the challenges ahead.
  • To invest in yourself and your business.
  • To see your organization achieve more than you ever thought possible.

If these statements resonate with you or you find yourself intrigued by them, give us a call.

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So many of the leaders I talk with are frustrated and are no longer enjoying their jobs. They are concerned that performance isn’t up to par and are troubled by the way their organization is functioning. At Delta-V Strategies, we know that leading an organization can be one of the most difficult and frustrating jobs on the planet. We also know that it can be one of the most gratifying and rewarding professions ever imagined.

You don’t need to have all the answers. What you do need is to continue your own growth and development so you can rise above the never-ending stream of challenges that are endemic to a leadership position. It’s time to make a serious investment in yourself, your team and your company. Remember, the top performers in every field continually invest in themselves to ensure that they are honing their skills and are acquiring the insights that will enable them to succeed. Now, it’s your turn.

Being a mid- to senior-level executive can be one of the most challenging places within an organization. You interact and participate with the highest levels of leadership but you are also closer to the action, making you more aware of what is and isn’t working. Professionals at this level often tell me they are frustrated because they see the need for change but don’t think they can make an appreciable difference in just one part of the organization.

Implementing change is harder when you aren’t starting at the top – but it can be done. By affecting change in your area, whether that’s a business unit, a division or a single department, you can become a catalyst for change and an example for the rest of the organization.

Just about everyone has had the experience of hiring someone they thought would be a superstar, only to be disappointed.  Supporting underperforming people and responding to the problems they create isn’t how you want to spend your days. As long as you continue to use a hiring process that doesn’t always result in the best candidate for the job, you are stuck in this vicious circle.

It is possible to take control of the hiring process. By getting in-depth information on your candidates and how they will perform in your team and at your company, you can make better-informed decisions. You’ll get more from your training dollars as you begin training the “right” people, and as turnover and recruiting time are reduced, you’ll be able to focus your attention where you want to rather than where you have to.

Having served as president of a 75-member board (no, that’s not a typo) for six years, I know how dramatically the changing environment has affected the non-profit sector. There is tremendous competition for funding, as well as volunteers, which often results in an operational, rather than a strategic, focus. However, much of what applies to a for-profit organization applies to you as well.

Is your organization positioned to cope with these challenges? What was the last time you discussed your mission, vision and values? Are they a driving force for the organization? In order to ensure that your organization thrives despite today’s challenging conditions, you and your board need to be thinking strategically, adapting and preparing for the future.

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